Wellness, Quality of Life & SOMOS Biobank

Wellness, Quality of Life & SOMOS Biobank

Wellness, Quality of Life & SOMOS Biobank

Hello everyone! 

As we come close to the end of this campaign, we wanted to give you an update on the amazing month we had!


We are excited to announce that we just finalized "Wellness" a brand new feature to provide our customers personalized recommendations on nutrition and fitness!

This feature will be available in 2 different products: 

  • Predictiv Nutrition ($190), our entry package! Based on the sequencing of specific genes, we will identify genetic deficiencies and nutriments metabolism, enabling us to recommend you the right amount of supplements, vitamins...
  • Predictiv Health & Wellness ($990), our most complete solution ever! Based on your entire genome, we will provide the most comprehensive information for your health (disease risk and drugs reaction) and your wellness (nutrition+, fitness...)

Both products will be launched this summer, and every order passed by June 30th for Predictiv Health will automatically be upgraded for free to Predictiv Health & Wellness !

Quality of Life

The launch of this new product is also the occasion for us to announce a new partnership with Quality of Life, a leading online retailer for clinical-grade Vitamins and Supplements !

Through this partnership, Quality of Life will offer our Nutrition and Wellness solutions to their customers to provide them better and personalized recommendations. This will also enable Predictiv patients to directly order the right vitamins and supplements based on the Nutrition or Wellness recommendations!

The marketing will start this summer, at the same time as we launch ou Nutrition and Wellness packages!

SOMOS Bio Bank

SOMOS is a DNA testing company that is proudly Latino. They plan by 2022 to become the first and largest Pan American DAO (Decentralized, Autonomous Organization) for Dynamic and Democratized Digital Health Integrated by 2 pilars:

  1. Pan American Latam Biohub Consortium for Biotech & Bio banking Democratization and Decentralization
  2. Ancestral Assembly for Recognition & Reward  and self determination of the Indigenous Nations

Through our partnership, SOMOS will collect DNA samples from Latino and Indigenous participants within the SOMOS bio bank strategies, and offer the Predictiv clinical services to their customers through a joint strategy.

Predictiv will also provide its bioinformatic analysis capabilities for the identification of potential unique markers linked to Native American/Hispanic/Latino heritage.